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The Institute strives to set a new standard in Nagpur, a city of 3 million in the heart of India, by bringing in quality  infrastructure, manpower, technology and science and by bringing global standards in eye care methods. The Center soon established a reputation in the field of Glaucoma, Cataract and Retina, providing outstanding care in these fields to patients and for the science and research that has been consistently performed at the Suraj Eye Institute.

The Institute in a span of 20 years has become known for its quality eye care, science and community eye care services. In addition it has reached out to the underserved in a proactive manner. The Institute through its many achievements was able to attract many partnerships which have all been immensely productive. Singularly successful have been the partnerships with Rotary Netherlands, CORDAID, ORBIS and Heidelberg University.

The Institute is now recognized for postgraduation in Ophthalmology and has a residency training proram which is recognized. In addition it provides for training Fellowships in Glaucoma Cataract and Medical Retina.

The Suraj Eye Institute was founded by Dr. Vinay Nangia in 1993. Dr. Nangia trained in Sankara Nethralaya, where he was a consultant vitreoretinal surgeon and then at Manchester University and at Harvard University. At Boston he did a prestigious fellowship at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Glaucoma and anterior segment.

Dr. Vinay Nangia

Dr. Vinay Nangia was formerly the secretary of Glaucoma Society of India and recently the President of Glaucoma Society of India. He is an expert for the Global Burden of Diseases 2013 and 2015 and was awarded the Honorary Fellowship of All India Ophthalmic Society for his contribution to glaucoma in 2014.

Dr. Vinay Nangia returned back to serve Central India and committed himself to control of blindness activities through proactive measures for the community and towards research in public health. The Institute has its own team of social workers and has reached out to hundreds of villages  for holding camps and doing surgeries. Ten years ago it brought paediatric eye care in its ambit and has worked continuously to screen and examined children in schools and slums.

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