Glaucoma Central – 3

Glaucoma has always been the core speciality of Suraj Eye Institute, along with our keen interest in academics. The Glaucoma Central -3, organised on 8th December 2019 gave us an opportunity to combine our love for glaucoma with our passion for teaching. With the help of extremely dedicated international and national faculty, this day- long academic meet was attended by over 100 delegates. Sessions were focussed on medical and surgical management of glaucoma, pseudoexfoliation and optic disc evaluation. A poster and photo competition was held, with more than 35 participants. We are extremely grateful to the faculty without whom this programme would not have been possible:

Dr. Rupert Bourne

Dr. Surinder Pandav

Dr. Vinay Nangia

Dr. Ashish Thool

Dr. Ashok Madan

Dr. Rajesh Joshi

Dr. Vineet Ratra

Dr. Neha Deshpande

Dr. Gunjan Deshpande

Dr. Karishma Bhate

Dr. Aditya Deo

We would also like to thank Ophthalmological Society Nagpur and Vidarbha Ophthalmic Society for their constant support.

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