Public Relations and Patient Support Services

Public relations is an important part of an organisations efforts to reach out to the community. Many patients may need some kin of support for various reasons such as scheduling surgery, understanding the system, the fees for the services.

Public Relations and Patient Support and Advice
Our service provides confidential support and advise regarding any doubts or difficulties that you face. This difficulty may be personal or financial or regarding your eye treatment.
Our counsellors will help you in all respects.

Public Relations and Patient Support Services
What this service does

Our counselling team will reach out to you. All it needs is a phone call. They will set up an appointment for you to see them and help you overcome the difficulties you face in getting your treatment done appropriately and in a timely fashion.
Our team will handle all complaints that you may have and for anything that you perceive has not been done in an appropriate and timely manner. Our team will be happy to interact with your and your family members, whenever required.