Spectacle Dispensing

This service provides spectacles for various refractive errors.

What this service does
Spectacles are needed for a wide variety of refractive conditions, that do not permit good vision, without glasses. Glasses and spectacles are provided for short sightedness, long sightedness, presbyopia and after undergoing cataract and other surgeries. The needs of the patients may vary from simple glasses to using progressive glasses that allow professionals to cary out many varied activities and duties.
This service will help in the selection of appropriate frames, and glasses to suit your needs. It will validate the prescription and that the glasses have been made accurately according to the refractive error.
Thus if your drive a car, or if you are in a teaching profession, or if you are a manager, or site construction supervisor or a surgeon, your needs will be different.

Patient information leaflets:
Spectacle Dispensing