Precautions taken during COVID-19

We at Suraj Eye Institute continue to follow the highest level of safety precautions during these difficult times. During the COVID-19 pandemic and now as all places of work and leisure in the society begin to reopen, it’s important to understand that when you need medical care, you should seek treatment. Our hospital is open and available to provide you with quality and safe treatment.

We have implemented the following safety guidelines in our hospital.


  • Everyone is screened for COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors as they enter our buildings.
  • The temperature of each and every individual who enters the hospital is being recorded in a non-contact infrared thermometer. All these recordings are religiously documented.
  • Before entering the premises, all individuals are asked to sanitize their hands at the gate using alcohol based sanitizer available at the entrance.
  • No entry is allowed inside the hospital without a mask. If someone does not have a mask, we are supplying the same to them at nominal cost.
  • Patients planning to have any eye surgery or a procedure can take prior appointments and will be informed about the precautions to be taken before and after surgery.
  • All staff members and physicians are screened daily. They are not allowed to work if there is any sign or symptoms related to COVID-19.


  • Social distancing is the norm once inside the premises. Chairs have been identified where patients and their attenders may or may not sit to maintain safe distance.
  • Before and after every eye check-up, the machines and instruments used are thoroughly cleaned with alcohol based sanitizer.
  • The appointments are distributed throughout the day to avoid overcrowding.


  • All staff and patients must wear masks.
  • The various surgeries are spaced out over the day to maintain safe distance.

Things to keep in mind while visiting the hospital

  • We follow all necessary safety protocols in our hospital.
  • All staff members, patients and visitors (if permitted) must wear masks in the hospital premises.
  • We are extremely focused on keeping our hospital clean and sanitized frequently before and after each patient.
  •  Sanitizers are available in the hospital at your disposal.
  • All instruments in diagnostic area are disinfected after and before every use.

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