Undergoing Surgery

The process and protocols followed as as follows.

  1. Two days before the surgery, the operating lists is ready with the patients special requirement and  need for special medicines or special lens implants.
  2. The patient receives a call from  the  hospital. The Doctor speaks to the patient, reassuring him/her and gives  instructions. 
  3. The patient is called to the hospital one day before for the preop check up and to allay any apprehensions. 
  4. Informed consent is taken from the patient and his accompanying relative.
  5. Patients are advised to take  eye drops that they need to put  in the morning before surgery and before coming to the hospital.
  6. On the day of surgery patients are asked to come at the appointed time early morning.
  7. On arrival  their blood sugar and blood pressure is checked and they are examine again.
  8. While waiting in the preoperative area, all questions are answered and post operative  drops are explained  and protocol for follow up is provided.
  9. If necessary specific instructions are given to the Operating rooms.
  10. Patient is taken into the operating room   prior to surgery and is prepared by change of gown.
  11. Inside the operating room,  everything is cross checked again. The name, age, gender, which eye, medical conditions,  availability of lens implants,  any special precautions and more.
  12. Everything is documented.
  13. If anaesthethesia,  standby or  sedation or general is required, the anaesthetist  takes a look at the reports and examines the patient, explaining everything to him.

Post Surgery.

  1. Most Surgery for cataract is done under topical anaesthesia.
  2. The patient can on completion get up and walk out with support  from the nurses.
  3. After changing his/her gown,   the patient is led back to the preoperative area, from where,  the relatives, and  or friends will  escort them home.
  4. Most patients are seen in the evening on the same day
  5. Following which  they are generally given an appointment to come back after 1 week and a further 3 weeks.
  6. At their 4 weeks post op appointment, after undergoing a check up they are prescribed glasses.

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