Eye Donation

One pair of donated eyes can provide treatment for up to 10 different people. The cornea can be transplanted and each sclera can be used for up to 4 glaucoma surgeries. The tissue that cannot be used because of quality concerns, can also be used for research that may help in evolving sight saving treatments for the future.

Our eye bank team is responsible for creating awareness and encouraging people to donate.
We liaise with different hospitals in Nagpur and outside and encourage and support the eye donations through our counsellors.
When a patient dies, their relatives may inform us and our team is ready to move within 15 minutes, with all instrumentation and regulatory papers needed for a successful eye donation.
All eye donations are accepted only after due consent from the next of kin. The tissue is then transported back to the hospital and stored in special media to keep the cornea healthy for transplantation. The cornea is examined to assess its quality before being provided to a deserving patient. Corneas that cannot be used are then used for glaucoma surgeries or used for research purposes.

You can register as a donor at the Suraj Eye Institute by filling a pledge form. However even with filling a pledge form, you may still donate your eyes, by giving your wishes to your next of kin, so that they may honour your wishes and call our team for making possible the eye donation.

The Suraj Eye Bank at the Suraj Eye Institute is registered with the Maharashtra Government as an eye bank authorised to collect the eyes from willing donors with consent from their families

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