Central India Retinopathy of Prematurity

Retinopathy of Prematurity is an area, which needs attention. With the neonatal mortality rates decreasing and the development of the neonatal intensive care units, screening premature babies became important. We began the project with a passion  and mission on 12.12.12.  Since then we have continued to  screen babies  as a complementary service to the Government  hospitals in Nagpur, Gondia and Bhandara.  Over the last 12 months we screened about 1500 babies, with our doctors travelling as much as 320 kms in a single day to screen them. This is a project that requires more help from the community and will enable us to reach a level of 2000 screenings every year. There is significant involvement by the entire team at SEI

We need your support for the following to enhance the  success and enable us to reach out to many more districts in this region of Central India.

Help us screen and restore sight in more children.

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