Central India Kidsight

Reaching out to the unreached. Classically the children surely met this definition. This essential program was created in 2004 with a mission to reach out to all the school children studying in local government schools, since the schools needed this program. Then in 2007 in partnership with ORBIS International we began an ambitious program that resulted in our reaching out to 200,000 children through an intense effort that knew no boundaries. We assessed the vitamin A prevalence, visual impairment and need for glasses. We developed a paediatric eye care center, possibly the first in this part of the country. We scoured schools in the city and the rural areas and went from one slum to another in our mission to miss not a single child who needed us. We operated on hundreds of children, who otherwise did not stand a chance to be treated and we are extremely happy that we did so.

We need a  vehicle dedicated to this work and support for providing glasses to these children.

  1. Cost of Vehicle is USD 15000.00
  2. Cost of each spectacle is USD 5.00 ( you may wish to donate  for as many glasses as possible)

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