Glaucoma & Retina

Advanced Glaucoma and Medical Retina Services

Glaucoma if untreated can lead to blindness. This service assesses patients, for the presence of glaiucoma and diagnoses the type of glaucoma there is. It does several tests to positively identify the presence of glaucoma and to determine the management modalities, either medical treatment, laser and or surgery.

Screening of glaucoma is a very important part of the ocular examination. This is done by checking the IOP, doing visual field tests, Optical coherence tomography, slit lamp examination and gonioscopy.

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Medical Retina service provides diagnosis, follow up and management of conditions, involving the back of the eye, such as the retina, retinal vasculature, and the uvea and choroid. These are conditions that may be treated medically, using drugs, eye drops or laser treatment.

This service provides facilities to diagnose and treat many conditions that affect the retina and its associated tissues, such as the uvea and the choroid. The conditions that are treated medically include, age related macular degneration (AMD) retinitis pigmentosa, diabeti retinopathy, retinal blood vessel proliferations, and blockages and inflammation such as Retinitis, vasculitis and uveitis.

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