Protocols and continuous quality improvement

Protocols are  a way of life at the institute.  For every  step in patient care, there is a protocol, that is followed, to enable  better and standardised quality of eye care.

Protocols exist for: Registration of patients, for the medical charges, for history taking, for refraction, for clinical examination, for diagnostic tests, for the preoperative procedures, for the Operating rooms and for the post operative follow up.

Various data are generated that enable continuous quality improvement, through  analysis and audit.

The Institute is NABH Certified for providing quality eye care for the following services:    

  1. Comprehensive ophthalmic Services,
  2. Cataract Services.  
  3. Glaucoma Services.  
  4. Medical Retina Services.  
  5. Surgical Retina Services.  
  6. Oculoplasty and Reconstructive Surgery.
  7. Ocular Oncology,
  8. Paediatric Ophthalmology
  9. Cornea Servies,
  10. Refractive Servides.

The services are given in the document attached below:

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