Light to Lives

India is the second most populous country in the world, with over 20% of the worlds blind living here. Most of them are in the rural communities almost 65-70%. These communities do not have access to the health care delivery that is necessary. It has led to a very large concentration of rural Indians living with untreated cataract. That is not necessarily the best thing in the world. We evolved to create a continuous sustainable ‘Light to Lives” Project to reach out to the rural poor, day upon day, month upon month and year upon year since the last 15 years and we would like to continue to do so till eye care delivery becomes a part and parcel of their lives. And we hope that would happen sooner than later.

Help One See. For a simple cost of INR 3500 for one cataract surgery and Lens Implantation done at the base hospital, in quality care settings, you can give sight and change someone’s life.

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