Sight Save (Central India Focus on Diabetes and Eye)

In India we have  the second highest number of people with diabetes, about  65 million. We travelled to all the government district hospitals, examining patients, checking them for diabetes, counselling them  and bringing them to the base hospital for further examination. Over time this project evolved  to encompass the subpsecialities of retina, glaucoma, cornea and paediatric ophthalmology and trauma.  It was  then renamed Sight Serve. The vehicle was equipped with fundus camera and slit lamp and indirect ophthalmoscope. We would  have completed more than  1500 visits to the hospitals many of them as far as 160 kms and requiring 6 hours of travel on the roads  often in inclement weather conditions.  More than 40,000 patients with subspeciality eye diseases  have been seen.

Help us prevent blindness from Diabetic Eye Diseases

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