Scheduling Surgery

The process:

Once the patient is found to need a particular type of surgery, he is informed about the need for it and   it is discussed with the patient, preferably in the presence of a relative or family friend. All patients are given an opportunity to ask  questions about the procedure and the advantages and possible disadvantages.

The patient then goes to the counsellor, who will further have a discussion  with the patient. The counsellor also informs the patient the charges, so that complete transparency is maintained all through out the process.

The patient in  consultation with the counsellor will  decide on a convenient date for surgery. This is entered into the computer with the patients particular choice of a procedure or of a particular lens implant.

Once the booking is done, the patient is advised regarding  the need to get a physicians clearance, if he has  any cardiovascular problem or diabetes or  any other systemic condition, that is important for the safety of the patient.

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