The Suraj Eye Sciences Academy ( SESA)

The Suraj Eye Sciences Academy proudly presents “The Internet of the Eye”.

Under the resource, we plan to have the following: 

  1. Spark Case-Wise, which will have posters of case descriptions and recorded videos of presentation
  2. Spark Image-Wise, which will have interesting images of the eye with a short description
  3. Spark Video-Wise, which will have surgical and other videos 
  4. Spark Research-Wise, which will have abstracts of recent research published in various journals
  5. Spark Web-Wise, which will updates on the webinars on various topics

Spark ImageWise

The Spark Image-Wise is a section with images that teach. As you know imaging of the eye has come of age, with the advent of advanced imaging equipment. These images will have a short description and will also be labelled to give maximum learnings and understanding. 

Spark CaseWise

The Spark Case-Wise is a section where you will find posters of interesting cases that serve to educate and make you think and go the extra mile in understanding the background and science. There will be an associated recording of the power point presentation which you can play back at your convenience.


EyeLearn will have educational content of varying backgrounds, such as diagnostics, and surgical principals and techniques. We hope you will enjoy reading and absorbing content from here.

The Eye Museum

coming soon…

Spark WebWise

The Suraj Eye Sciences Academy ( SESA) will be starting webinars and we will share latest updates with you, as and when they are organised, through email. The recorded versions will be made available  in the Section on Webinars and also on our YouTube and  Vimeo Channel.

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