Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Jan Arogya Yojana

Mahatma Jyotiba Pule Jan Arogya Yojana also popularly known by the name MJPJAY  the scheme is run by  the Maharashtra State Government. 

Points  of Importance.

  1. The Suraj Eye Institute provides eye care services to beneficiaries of the MJPJAY Scheme.
  2. Normally only those with the yellow Below Poverty Line ration card and those with the Orange ( Kesari coloured) ration card are eligible.  Currently till October 2020, the government has included all residents of Maharashtra state holding a valid ration card and an aadhar card in this scheme.
  3. You will need to come to the hospital. On examination if you need a procedure that is covered under MJPJAY you will be offered surgery under this scheme if you wish and are eligible
  4. Some procedures are not covered in this Scheme. 
  5. Initially you will be enrolled in this scheme which takes  a few hours. 
  6. Following which we will seek permission from the MJPJAY authorities for surgery  under this scheme. This can take 24 – 48 hours. 
  7. Once we receive permission you will be given a date for surgery. 
  8. Many procedures, including retinal detachment, vitrectomy,  paediatric squint, paediatric cataract, paediatric glaucoma are covered. Treatment for diabetic retinopathy including injections given for diabetic maculopathy and age related macular degeneration are covered.  Also treatment for Retinopathy of prematurity is covered under this scheme. This helps to considerably reduce your expenditure for the process. 

For more information write to:

Coordinator: Ms Shubhangi Palsokar:  Tel. 800 723 0004  

Doctor on Call : 776 980 2020

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