Director Speak – 1st Jan 2020

Dr. Vinay Nangia

Notes from the Chair:  Dr. Vinay Nangia

Seventeen years in Service and Science.

Suraj Eye Institute still stays a humble and somewhat small  organisation, from the point of view of its infrastructure.  However, we did okay.  We worked hard, and we did things  and went where none had gone before  with the  limited assets we had, and we are  happy about it.  As a non profit foundation we stuck to our ideals over time.

From welcoming ladies to our hospital, who could not afford eye care, to  reaching out to 1.2 million people in the slums of Nagpur, and to many thousands of villages in Central India  gave us  a high.

The Institute took on things a little larger than itself and managed to put it in action.   We took on the responsibility in affiliation with Heidelberg University to do the Central India Eye and Medical Study and completed it nicely with over 50 international publications from it.

We worked with ORBIS International on a paediatric eye care program and reached out to almost 150,000 children in and around Nagpur. The first paediatric eye care unit took shape at our Institute.

The Institute developed a residency program under the National Board of Examiners  In addition we trained a number of fellows in glaucoma and cataract.

One of the main objectives  is always to upgrade.  We did that very much with the help of  the Rotary Club s’Hertogenbosch. They helped us build the hospital, and equip the hospital.  This was a big development that led us on the path to excellence and to be acknowledged as a leader in this area.   They also supported  the paediatric outreach and the  cataract surgery project and created an ecosystem of supporters that continued  to support us  in our mission of  eye care.

The Challenges have been immense and continue to be so.  To stay relevant year after year in a fast changing country and health care scenario needs  energy and  good will.  Both of them stay relevant in helping us reach the – Goal of Sight – from moment to moment.

I would like to thank everyone who gave himself to the cause   in and from out of the Suraj Eye Institute.  It is simple to understand, that we could not have travelled without all who worked at the Institute and all who supported us in more ways than I can recount.

With each passing year we  sit down and think of who we will be in the next  few years.

New plans have been made to   bring many changes to the infrastructure and the operating rooms,  to bring in more equipment, increase the size of the team and  improve the qualty of eye care, and augment and fine tune  the models of community eye reach, so that the city and its surroundings  can sense the effort and taste the benefits.

Last and not least, we have acquired  175000 sq. feet of land in  MIHAN.   We felt that  if we had to increase our  eye reach to a larger extent, it was necessary to have the space.  That is now possible and is also now the greatest challenge we face to move forward.  The hospital construction is slated to begin in 2020 and we will open in Mihan in 2021.

I hope that each one of you reading  this will want to be a part of us  and support us in our mission to   excel in eye care, in reaching out to the community with the highest quality of eye care and in science, research and training.  

This is who we are and this is how we would like to be remembered.

Dr. Vinay Nangia


A special thanks to our team of Board members.

Shri Vinod Nangia

Dr. P. B. Behere

Dr. S. Bhaskaran

Shri Ashok Rathi

Shri Gagan Paul

Shri Sushil Chhabra

Dr. Vinay Nangia

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