Director Speak – 1st Jan 2021

Dr. Vinay Nangia

Notes from the Chair:  Dr. Vinay Nangia

Dear All: 
I hope this finds you all very well.  The year 2020 came and went with some of the greatest challenges our life and times have ever  faced.  These were extraordinary times, when normal became aspirational. Even as there is news  that  we are going to be alright  in 2021-2022 with the arrival of the vaccine and that we will again be back to our selves and our lives, there are many lessons that  have come our way.  The most important was, what we have is very precious and that it should be cherished.  That we should be able to do more for the community in terms of science, research, clinical care and public health.  In Nagpur we dedicated ourselves to doing as good as we could.   The most challenging was the start of the Suraj Eye Sciences Academy (SESA), that would make a contribution to  the practice of Ophthalmology and become a resource  for modern Ophthalmology. (Link)

IE ( Imaging the Eye) webinars were begun in association with Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai and G-60 ( Sixty Minutes of Glaucoma)  webinars with Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh. These webinars brought in some of the best minds in their fields  to our community in India.  ( Link)

Several publications  that have a public health impact  came out during this time.  (Link)

Our Imaging department saw significant additions with the acquirements of OCT II with wide field OCT, OCT angiography, Confocal Scanning LASER based FFA and ICGA and Multicolour imaging. Another addition was the Anterion which includes Anterior Segment Swept Source OCT based imaging, Corneal topography and tomography, and angle and lens architecture. 
Keeping the team together over the last several months,  was  significantly important and making everyone feel, they had an important  role  to play and an equally important contribution to make  to the lives of others  was something that  we all aspired to.  Our social workers  contributed with a different kind of social  work  during these times in distributing food in areas where normal life and food supply were severely affected during the lockdown. 
We would like to acknowledge the kindness that many people around the globe showed us, understanding our need and future aspirations.
We value our relationships and partnerships that give wind to the sails.

With a word of thanks to all those who mean so much to us and to  the community that enables us to stay excited about our work  by reaching out to them in more ways than one.  We would also like to thank all of  you  for being a part of the community of Ophthalmologists that we cherish so much. 
With best wishes and kind regards. 

Vinay Nangia

Suraj Eye Institute

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