Glaucoma is a condition, where there is characteristic optic nerve damage, related or unrelated to an elevated Intraocular pressure.

What this service does
Glaucoma if untreated can lead to blindness.
This service assesses patients, for the presence of glaiucoma and diagnoses the type of glaucoma there is. It does several tests to positively identify the presence of glaucoma and to determine the management modalities, either medical treatment, laser and or surgery.
Screening of glaucoma is a very important part of the ocular examination. This is done by checking the IOP, doing visual field tests, Optical coherence tomography, slit lamp examination and gonioscopy.

Patient information leaflet
Primary Open Angle Glaucoma
Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma
Laser peripheral iridotomy
Use of Mitomycin-C
Glaucoma drainage devices