What we do

Quality Eye Care: The Suraj Eye Institute is focused on providing quality eye care, ensuring that  patients get the best possible treatment. It keeps up to date with knowledge, scientific developments and research findings.

NonProfit: Suraj Eye Institute (A NonProfit Organisation, a unit of Om Drishti Trust) has been particularly active since 2002 in reaching out to the rural and underserved communities and in working with the Government district hospitals to provide eye care free of cost and at subsidised  rates.

Sub-specialities:  The institute provides sub-speciality eye care in the areas of

  1. Cataract and Lens Implantation using modern techniques of Phacoemulsification.  We are at the cutting edge of surgical skills and use the  finest intraocular lens available  globally.
  2. Glaucoma.  The Institute is a Center of Excellence in Glaucoma and  at the forefront of management using evidence based medicine in the  diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. The institute is a national leader in surgical management and in the use of glaucoma implants, in research in glaucoma and in the training imparted to  fellows.
  3. Retina:  The retinal unit at the Institute is specially well developed.  All advanced and technological demanding surgeries are performed at the institute. These include,  retinal detachment, vitreous surgery,  traumatic performation of the eye.  In addition  the  management of diabetic  retinopathy is done using  international protocols modified to suit Indian eyes.
  4. Paediatric Ophthalmology:  The institute  is involved in providing eye care to the paediatric population.    We are skilled in providing cataract surgery,  dealing with trauma, glaucoma in childhood and in squint. In addition through our Central India KidSight program, we reach out to the children in the schools and in other areas of  city, and  rural communities.
  5. Cornea:   The Institute has an eye bank, that has done  well in  eye donation areas.  The Institute offers  keratoplasty services to the community and plans to expand in a few months into lamellar keratoplasty, ocular surface diseases, stem cell transplantation, Bostons keratoprosthesis, Osteo Odonto Keratoprosthesis and surface tumours.
  6. Refractive Surgery:  The  Institute using modern knowledge and evidence based medicine, offers refractive surgery using lasik and PRK for its patients.  Cataract surgery and lens implantation  is also done for high myopes.  For others, we implant the ICL lens a modern day technique, that is gaining popularity across the world.
  7. Public health:  Suraj Eye Institute is a NonProfit Organisation, a unit of Om Drishti Trust and is actively involved in reaching out to the community to serve them, to give them sight. Several programs are underway.  These include:  1. Light to Lives, directed at cataract surgery for the rural poor. 2. Central India KidSight, for screening of school children and those in the Anganwadi to detect refractive errors and squint and other anomalies, requiring sight  saving  treatment. 3. Sight Save:  This involves reaching out  to government Institutes, to  provide eye care services with special emphasis on diabetic retinopathy. 4.  Central India Retinopathy of Prematurity ( CIROP). This involves,  screening of children with retinopathy of prematurity in those born premature.
  8. Research:  This i an important integral component of the Institute. The Institute has done  a landmark study , The Central India Eye and Medical Study and has been involved in several other important studies, including the Non Communicable Disease Study and in the Global Burden of Disease. Current involvements include, the Asian Eye Epidemiology Studies, and  Retinal nerve fiber layer segmentation studies.

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